How It Works - See it in action


The Block Brush is a sleek black tube that has a few parts which make it work so effectively.

The Block Brush houses an internal cannister which you fill with your liquid sunblock of choice, tighten the cap, replace the black lid and away you go.

The unique brush head is ergonomically designed to evenly disperse the sunblock to those smaller and more delicate areas such around the eyes and lips while still big enough for even coverage over the entire face, ears and neck.

You need only to tap the bottom silver base a couple of times to allow the liquid sunblock to flow through the unique brush head and start applying.


The Brush Block does not come with any sunblock, nor do we promote any particular liquid sunblock brand.

We strongly recommend always following the directions of the sunblock brand you have chosen and practice safe sun habits. Additional sun protection such as wearing long sleeve tops and swimwear, hats, sunglasses whilst out in the sun and staying in the shade as much as possible is also recommended. Never allow children to apply sunblock without adult supervision.

Please note: Not suitable for thick zinc based sunblock's.